GroundWorks, Inc.


Our Clients

Shea Homes

Vista Dorado, Brentwood (In process)

Summerlake, Oakley (In process)

Umbria, Mountain House (In process)

Sage - Harmony, Livemore (In process)

Toll Brothers

The Bluffs, Pacifica (In process)

The Glenns, Dublin (In process)

Posante at Gale Ranch, San Ramon (In process)

Tassajara Hills, Dublin (In process)

Iron Oak at Alamo Creek, Danville (In process)

Brookfield Homes

Inverness, Bretnwood (Completed)

Turnberry, Brentwood (Completed)

Belrose @Windmere, San Ramon (Completed)

Savoy @ Windmere, San Ramon (Completed)

Ambridge @ Windmere, San Ramon (Completed)



I value GroundWork’s as a trade partner because of the commitment by the management team to safety, the attitude towards safety by their employees in the field, and their outstanding quality of work.
— Ed Calderon, Safety Manager, Shea Homes

I love working with GroundWork’s, I never have to worry about the finish product because Bryan and his team will always go above and beyond. I have recommended them to others in the industry because the GroundWork’s team takes a lot of pride in what they do
— Ellen Lehman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Brookfield Homes

Bryan has surprised me twice. Once when he committed to a completion date on the models and still need to pour flatwork, landscape, and a build a park. This was all done in ankle deep mud and with heavy rain in the forecast. The work was completed on time. The second time was when we had some extra work to be done and asked if he was interested and he said no, he didn’t have the guys to do it at that time. The honesty is appreciated. Honest and hardworking, what more can you ask for?
— Jason Obermeyer, Project Manger, Shea Homes