GroundWorks, Inc.


Areas of Practice

finish grading & drainage

We provide finish grading to allow water to flow away from structure into the closed drainage system adequately installed to reduce standing water in yards and around homes. Sub surface drainage systems are installed by spec to minimize water intrusion under homes.


GroundWorks, Inc. provides weekly maintenance on model & production homes for customers such as Shapell Homes, Brookfield Homes, Sutter Delta Hospital, Montage Master Association HOA, Shea Homes, Toll Brothers, and Clarum Homes. Our crew is trained to pay attention to detail and maintaining a beautiful appearance.

Concrete flatwork

Installation of standard driveways & walks, decorative stamp, acid staining, resurfacing, removal & replacement of city curb, gutter, & sidewalk installation of decorative pavers.


Beautiful outdoor fireplaces, built in BBQ’s, water features, and decorative walls compliment any home. Our masons are trained to insure quality construction of our products for you to enjoy.

Vineyard Installation

GroundWorks is now assisting with the installation of vineyards. Our crews grade out land, install trellises, install irrigation, and plant vines.

Landscape install

GroundWorks, Inc. takes pride in delivering complete landscaping & irrigation services to Northern California’s finest homebuilders. Known for our attention to detail we create curb appeal and backyard retreats for model homes.


Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program, These services are provided to builders to meet the needs of the State Water Quality Control Board. The methods of installation are taken very seriously insuring the minimum impact on the environment.